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Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies

HJEAS (Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies--formerly HSE - Hungarian Studies of English) is devoted to literary, historical, film and cultural studies of the English-speaking world. The journal is published twice a year by the Institute of English and American Studies, University of Debrecen, Debrecen, Hungary.

From the Editor's Notes to the 20th-Anniversary Issue (2015 Spring)

The Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies (HJEAS) begins its twenty-first year of continuous publication with this issue—an event worth celebrating in itself but also in recognition that not all of those years have been easy or assured. During those years the journal, while maintaining the high quality expected of an international scholarly journal, grew substantially in readership and, thanks to being invited to join JSTOR and ProQuest, became available world-wide. HJEAS also endeavored to become worthy of its predecessor, Hungarian Studies in English (HSE), edited by the polymath Laszlo Orszagh. HSE underwent a refounding by Professor Zoltan Abadi-Nagy as HJEAS with a new format, many more essays and reviews per issue, and a clearer emphasis on international scholarship. Hungarian Studies in English was an annual that published twenty-three issues under extraordinarily difficult circumstances. HSE remains the only periodical in post-WWII Hungary that was devoted exclusively to English and American Studies and which was published without interruption. Thanks to the foresight and extraordinary dedication of the Re-Founding Editor, HJEAS has become recognized as a leading journal in both American and Irish Studies and as an important voice in English, Australian, and Canadian Studies with all these fields well represented over that twenty-year period. In the first issue of HJEAS published in 1995 shortly after the implosion of dictatorial Communism, among the eight contributors were one Canadian and two American scholars with a strong Hungarian contingent including four scholars from the University of Debrecen and one from the University of Budapest. Topics covered in that first issue ranged from modern fantasy to English historical drama criticism, from Renaissance to contemporary art, from the fiction of Freud to Anglophone Quebec writers, and, of course, theory. Subsequent issues built on this solid beginning and continually maintained a broad range of scholarly interests, while drawing on contributions from around the world, as may be seen in any issue. Essays have originated, for example, in Canada, the Czech Republic, China, England, France, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Spain, and the United States as well as from many different Hungarian universities.

Professor Donald E. Morse